We offer joint ventures

Ponujamo soinvestitorstvo S

We develop real-estate projects independently or jointly with partners following the joint venture principle. Such a business model is established practice in the development of real-estate projects. It enables the pooling of funds and knowledge, achieving higher value added, and sharing risk.

The most frequent forms of partner collaboration:

  • The business partner invests the land, we provide the means for the development and construction of the real-estate project as well carry it out.
  • The business partner invests financial resources, we provide a suitable project (property type, amount of investment, risk level and desired yield).
  • We enter real-estate projects that are in the process of development or construction but need an injection of capital or acquisition by a new partner for its successful completion.
  • We are also open to other forms of business collaboration.

We are predominantly interested in joint ventures and partner investments for medium-sized real estate projects (between 5 and 20 million EUR sale value). The purpose of the buildings can be either residential or commercial.

If you are interested in a joint investment into real-estate projects and wish to contribute land, project or financial assets as an investment, please contact us at our email info@prvahisa.si.