Sale and leaseback

Prodaj in vzemi v najem S

Sale and leaseback is an established practice in financial engineering (especially abroad), where the business entity (company, municipality etc.) sells the property and then immediately starts a long-term lease of the property with the buyer. With the transaction, the property seller becomes the lessee, while the buyer becomes the lessor.

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The purpose of such a transaction is for the property seller to immediately increase their working capital, which allows them to additionally invest into the principal activity or new investments.

Other advantages of selling the property and simultaneously renting it, besides bigger financial power:

  • The entire value of the property is transformed into liquid monetary assets (in this, it is necessary to take into account the debt, if it exists, which the property seller can pay off or the buyer takes it over).
  • Pre-arranged conditions for leasing the property in the long run.
  • The possibility of paying off debt and thus decreasing the financial obligations (if they exist).
  • Potential improvement of the balance sheet.
  • Tax benefits (rent as a cost etc.).

We buy and leaseback medium-sized property (from 1 to 5 million EUR). The purpose behind the property can vary, for example office, store, storage and similar.

If you have a property that you wish to sell and leaseback, please contact us at our email address