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In the past, company partners developed various real-estate projects, from building houses, multi apartment and commercial buildings to restructuring buildings. Several implemented projects are presented below. Rich experience enables us to properly implement new ones.

Vila Mivka Trnovo

8 first-rate boutique apartments in Trnovo, Ljubljana. The most desired location for living close to the city center.

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Kostanjevi cvetovi

82 apartments in the outskirts of Ljubljana. A safe and nice neighbourhood of 13 buildings in Dol pri Ljubljani.

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Houses in Smrjene

A neighbourhood of 18 affordable houses in nature. Standard building design, with the possibility of customized interior. Smrjene in the Municipality of Škofljica.

Tacenski dvori

Residential neighbourhood with 316 apartments, 9 pubs and more than 400 parking spots in the garage. Tacen, Ljubljana.

Nastro project

The development of the business real-estate project Nastro in Ljubljana, wherein the business building of Slovenian Lottery, Merkur supermarket and Hofer store are located.

Čopova 42

Comprehensive development of the project in one of the best locations in Ljubljana. From buying the apartments in the initial building and reconstructing the building, to building the business premises for commercial purposes.